BlueWave MX-Series Multichannel Controller

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Dymax Corporation has introduced the BlueWave MX-Series Multichannel Controller, an LED controller that allows manufacturers to power up to four emitter workstations at once, independently or in any combination to provide flood and light bar patterns. The CE marked controller also features an LCD touchscreen interface, separate admin and production modes, and footswitch or PLC activation for easy incorporation into automated systems.

Available in 2- and 4-channel versions, the BlueWave MX-Series Multichannel Controller is designed to provide manufacturers with greater curing flexibility. Users can start with a single emitter and add others as their applications grow. The controller’s compatibility with allBlueWave MX-150 spot curing, MX-150 flood curing, and MX-2575 light bar system with VisiCure (405nm), RediCure (365 nm), or PrimeCure (385nm) emitters, makes switching between flood and spot-curing configurations easy. For manufacturers requiring spot-curing applications, a single MX-Series Multichannel Controller can be used in combination with the MX-150 curing system and multi-pole lightguides to allow for up to 16 individual cure spots from a single controller.