BTS256-EF flicker test system

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Manufacturers of lamps and luminaires for general lighting purposes must consider light flicker when qualifying EMC immunity requirements. In addition to the influence of mains voltage fluctuations, flicker effects caused by the lamp and the luminaire itself must be taken into account.

With the BTS256-EF, Gigahertz-Optik, a measuring device manufacturer, offers a universal measuring device for the determination of all relevant light parameters in general lighting. Combined with a LPS-CH-500 programmable AC source, the BTS256-EF becomes a comprehensive flicker test system for lamps and luminaires including voltage fluctuation immunity tests in accordance with IEC TR 61547-1:2017.

The BTS256-EF supports all current flicker measurements: per cent flicker; flicker index and FFT frequency analysis; short term flicker severity; Pst (CIE TN-006); stroboscopic visibility measure; SVM (CIE TN-006); assist flicker perception metric; and Mp.

Additionally, the BTS256-EF is a high-quality device for all photometric and colourimetric measurements of general lighting products and conditions - made possible by its special Bi-Tec sensor technology.