Cambridge Mechatronics introduces new eight-wire shape memory alloy actuator

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Cambridge Mechatronics (CML) has announced its new lens shift eight-wire shape memory alloy (SMA) actuator, capable of integrated closed-loop optical image stabilisation (OIS) and auto focus (AF). The product is already in mass production and has been adopted in both the Huawei Mate 50 Pro and Porsche Design Mate RS.

By placing SMA wires in a three-dimensional configuration around the lens, the single actuator can perform both OIS and AF functions simultaneously.

Driven by CML’s CM824 Controller IC and supported by its control algorithm firmware, the eight SMA wires suspend the lens carrier whilst precisely controlling motion across six degrees of freedom.

The new device is designed to deliver premium camera performance in mid-high range handsets from proven and experienced supply chains. CML’s SMA actuator technology is proven to be reliable, routinely achieving top camera quality scores from independent testing. The 1/1.3”, 1/1.43” and 1/1.56” image sensor format compatible actuators and camera modules are available for immediate design-in adoption.

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