Ceramic phosphor converters

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Schott has developed two inorganic ceramic phosphor materials that are temperature-stable, heat-conductive, and energy-efficient, which the company presented at Photonics West.

The phosphor materials are green and yellow fluorescent ceramics that convert blue laser light into yellow light. The yellow light is then segmented by colour filters to generate the primary colours (red, green, and blue) for digital projectors.

By 2020, one-third of all projectors will use laser diodes or LEDs instead of quickly aging conventional lamps. This so-called solid state lighting (SSL) enables higher brightness, a superior image quality, and very good reliability in digital projectors.

By offering both green and yellow ceramic converters, Schott is addressing the needs of most digital projectors using digital light processing (DLP), liquid-crystal display (LCD), or liquid crystal on silicon (LCOS) technologies.

The new ceramic phosphor converters provide high performance with an excellent reliability that enables long-lasting laser light sources. This means that there is no need to change lamp bulbs, which significantly lowers the total cost of ownership and energy costs.