Chameleon Discovery NX laser for multi-photon imaging

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The new Chameleon Discovery NX laser from Coherent delivers deep multiphoton microscope images with high brightness and high contrast, making it especially well-suited for live tissue imaging in neuroscience and other intra-vital applications. 

The Chameleon Discovery NX offers power levels up to 3W, and short pulses at the sample plane to enable complex two photon microscope configurations. Short pulse duration is key to high brightness/contrast images and is enabled by a group dispersion delay (GDD) pre-compensator with enhanced dynamic range.  It avoids unwanted pulse stretching, even in wide field microscope setups using highly refractive objectives, allowing users to minimise unwanted sample heating and maximize image depth.

Chameleon Discovery NX provides several other industry-leading benefits: It boasts tuning from 660 to 1,320nm, while simultaneously producing a high-power fixed wavelength output at 1,040nm. It is also available with total power control (TPC), enabling built-in high-speed power modulation. Incorporating the latest acousto-optic (AO) technology, this functionality provides high-contrast modulation on both the tuneable femtosecond output and the 1,040nm output. TPC ensures that the laser’s excellent beam quality is delivered directly to the microscope scan head.