Code V version 11.1

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Synopsys has introduced version 11.1 of its Code V optical design software, which includes enhancements to the software's capabilities for the design, analysis and optimisation of superior imaging optics. Version 11.1 includes faster modulation transfer function (MTF) optimisation, enhanced materials databases and better design visualisation.

The Enhanced MTF system optimisation enables optical designers to directly access through-focus MTF during lens system optimisation, which facilitates fast, accurate improvements to MTF symmetry over focus without the need to manually adjust lens system parameters. This feature can be particularly useful for determining the optimal location of sensors relative to compact camera modules to improve manufacturability.

Code V also offers an updated and expanded set of glass catalogues, including the Nikon UV material catalogue. In addition, the interface for finding and selecting off-the-shelf lens components has been improved, the asphericon component catalogue has been added, and the fabrication vendor test plate lists – used to reduce metrology costs associated with spherical optics – have been updated.

Lastly, the improved design visualisation enables the better rendering of small, highly aspheric lenses, such as those found in smartphones.