Cross-vendor ‘Optical Element’ discovery portal

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3DOptix has launched the cross-vendor ‘Optical Element’ discovery portal with the ability to verify the performance and characteristics of the optical elements with an online optical simulation tool. 

The portal provides search engine capabilities, including a correlation-based ‘search filters’ engine, saving valuable time to the optics community.

The discovery portal is open, no registration is needed, and is connected to the 3DOptix virtual lab platform with optics, optomechanics, lasers, detectors, devices, as well as a new CAD file Import wizard for a complete Optical design workflow. Both professionals and students can use the discovery portal and simulate the targeted optical element instantaneously as part of a complete design.

The optical discovery portal and the optical design and simulation platform were developed from a deep need to reduce the multiple trial and error iteration in the lab among scientists, researchers, and engineers in the optics community.

The 3Doptix’ cloud-based design and simulation platform has seen amazing growth with more than 10,000 active users and more than 40,000 optical elements from 17 different vendors available in the discovery portal.