Dark mirror coatings

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The latest dark mirror coatings from Deposition Sciences, Inc. (DSI) improve signal-to-noise ratio and contrast in demanding optical systems, such as performance imaging, displays, and hyperspectral sensors.  A dark mirror coating absorbs incident light, rather than reflecting or transmitting it, and is often used to define the aperture of an optical system where control of stray light or elimination of crosstalk is critical. 

DSI dark mirrors are distinguished by their broadband spectral performance and exceptional environmental durability.  They can be designed for use anywhere from the visible through the longwave infrared spectral regions, and can be applied to virtually any substrate in diameters of up to 200 mm.  Typical transmittance specifications range from <1% to <0.01%, depending upon wavelength range and angle of incidence.  In addition, DSI’s photolithography capability enables the production of dark mirrors in precise patterns ranging from circular to more complex geometries.  These patterns can have feature sizes as small as 50 μm, with ±10 μm placement accuracy.