Direct emission green laser diodes

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Osram Opto Semiconductors has introduced InGaN-based direct emission green laser diodes, wavelengths from 510-530nm, for pico projection and other RGB or green-laser applications.

Mounted in a tiny TO38icut or TO56 package with integrated photodiode, they combine an excellent form factor with high beam quality, making them suitable as light sources for projectors and show lasers as well as point and line lasers.

Two models in particular, PL 520B & PL 520, offer slightly different wavelength ranges at power levels of 30mW or 50mW from a 3.8mm diameter package (at 25°C), with high colour rendering and excellent contrast.

Direct emission green laser diodes are an important step toward powerful embedded projectors and signal the end of the laborious method of producing green light by doubling the frequency of infrared lasers. Direct emission green laser diodes mean that frequency doubling of infrared lasers is redundant.