Element Six launches DNV-B14 quantum-grade diamond

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Element Six has launched DNV-B14, its newest general-purpose chemical vapour deposition (CVD) quantum-grade diamond, an ideal material for quantum technologies such as magnetic field devices, RF sensors, solid-state gyroscopes and room temperature masers.

The product is designed to provide the end-user with a uniform and high density of nitrogen-vacancy (NV) spin centres - more than a 10-fold increase in NV density compared to DNV-B1. DNV-B1 was Element Six’s first material in the DNV series, launched last year and winner of the SPIE Prism Award in the Quantum category in March 2021. Together, these two grades of material provide quantum technologists with a choice depending on their device architecture, with DNV-B14 containing an increased number of NV centres compared to DNV-B1.

The latest solution in Element Six’s DNV series, DNV-B14 expands the company’s range of advanced materials for emerging quantum technologies. Diamonds containing NV centres offer researchers a unique solid-state platform with spin qubits that can be initialised and read out at room temperature, with long qubit lifetimes. These properties stem from diamond’s unique structure and strong bonds.

The combination of its engineered properties makes DNV-B14 an ideal solution for experimentation and development of a range of technologies, such as ensemble NV-based vector magnetometry and room-temperature masers.