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Equinox green laser

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UK-based M Squared has launched its Equinox green laser. Equinox is a single frequency, 532nm continuous-wave laser, designed for scientific and industrial uses. Equinox can operate as a stand-alone 532nm laser and is an ideal pump source for Ti:Sapphire laser systems (CW and pulsed) used in a wide range of applications, including quantum research and systems, integrated circuits, space and biophotonics. Equinox is also suited to pumping dye lasers, frequency doubling and mixing, optical tweezers and trapping, and biomedical imaging.

Key features of Equinox include: consistent low noise performance; up to 18W output; single frequency; high mechanical and thermal stability; and remote operation via TCP/IP or web interface.

Equinox incorporates design elements used in M Squared’s SolsTiS laser, creating a compact, ultra-stable and product that can be routinely integrated.