EVG series of vertical grinding machines

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Engis UK has introduced the EVG series of high precision vertical grinding machines for the production of ultra smooth surfaces.  These machines have been designed to grind advanced materials to a high degree of precision in flatness and surface quality, greatly reducing or even eliminating the need for subsequent lapping, moving directly from grinding to final polish of SiC and other materials. 

Ideal applications for the EVG series machines include, semiconductor wafer grinding or back-thinning (SiC, GaAs, Sapphire, Si, GaN, AIN, InP), semiconductor equipment components, for example ceramic chucks, glass ceramic, as well as substrates for semiconductor advanced packaging, including MEMS (ceramic, polyimide).

Engis EVG machines are available in three different models, the EVG-200, EVG-250 and EVG-300, all of which incorporate a programmable logic controller, 400 rpm max. worktable speed and 2000 rpm max. wheel speed.  Sizes of the machines vary from 800 x 800 x 1,900 for the EVG-200 up to 1,050 x 1,050 x 2,020 for the EVG-300.  All machines have been designed with ergonomics in mind, with easy access to the work area and with a variety of chuck options.