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Vision Engineering’s recently unveiled EVO Cam II digital microscope offers excellent image quality, intuitive operation and a host of new features over its predecessor. For example, the new instrument benefits from the addition of user customisable overlays, on-board measurement and wi-fi image transfer, all supported by a 30:1 optical zoom and a maximum magnification in excess of 3,600x.

Simple on-screen measurements aided by virtual callipers and scalable grids can be performed with the EVO Cam II. Live images can also be compared to user customisable overlays to increase efficiency of use. A completely new graphical user interface, along with intuitive controls with 10 pre-sets, allow for rapid swapping out of subjects under inspection, making the EVO Cam II ideal for multiple users in high speed production environments. A remote-control option is also available to maximise the ergonomic operation of the microscope when used over prolonged periods.

The EVO Cam II can be used to inspect electronics, automotive and aerospace components, medical devices, precision engineering, plastic moulding and much more. High definition images can be captured and stored directly to a USB memory stick, and when connected to a PC, images and video can be easily captured, stored and shared. An available wi-fi dongle also enables direct sharing with PCs, laptops, tablet computers and smartphones.

Freeform optics come into their own in applications such as illumination – for example, modern LED headlight designs (credit: i viewfinder/Shutterstock.com)

15 June 2022

Photonic integrated circuits can guide light on a chip with ultra-low low losses, and enhance optical fields using micro-ring resonators. (Image: Yujia Yan, EPFL)

07 January 2022