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The new FGC-G range of high speed automated measuring systems from Arden Photonics enables optical fibre manufacturers to quickly assess the geometry of their products. Designed for production and R&D environments, the new range delivers repeatable, operator-independent results in less than 10 seconds.

The measurement capability for end-face geometries includes core diameter, core non-circularity, cladding diameter, cladding non-circularity and core-to-cladding concentricity. Designed for both specialty and telecoms fibres, the units have the latest software that makes it possible to measure even multicore fibres automatically.

Two models are available, the FGC-GT and the FGC-GS. The FGC-GT is optimised for 125µm diameter fibres, but is also able to measure up to 400µm. Typical applications are the development and manufacture of single and multimode telecom fibres, although specialty fibres can also be measured. The FGC-GS can instead measure fibres up to 1mm in diameter, and is optimised for specialty fibres such as octagonal and dual-cladding types.