Fibre-coupled quantum cascade lasers

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MirSense, a European quantum cascade laser (QCL) manufacturer, has introduced fibre-coupled QCLs to facilitate the use of lasers by clients. The new fibre-coupled DFBs and Fabry-Perot laser product line covers the full mid-IR range from 3 to 10µm with standard FC-PC connectors. This new product adds to the portfolio of MirSense: DFBs (UniMirTM), Fabry-Perots (PowerMirTM), trace gas sensors (MultiSenseTM).

Performance parameters include: weak absorption of the fibre (typically 0.5dB per metre); Gaussian output beam; adjustable numerical opening of the fibre depending on the geometry (typically between 0.4 and 0.8); typical fibre length of 1m out of the package (typically HHL or butterfly 14 pins package).

The lasers allow for easier laser integration and negate the need for open space beams with complex optics.