Freeform Field Mapper SAC optics

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PowerPhotonic has released a range of freeform Field Mapper SAC (FM-SAC) optics, used to provide both slow axis collimation and fast axis beam shaping in a single optical element, improving diode laser pump efficiency.

These FM-SAC optics consist of a monolithic array of lens-like elements. In the slow axis, arrays of cylindrical elements reduce divergence, while single mode beam shaping elements transform the fast axis into an array of flat top spots.  

The fast axis of an edge emitting diode has a Gaussian intensity profile and the slow axis is super-Gaussian. A single FM-SAC element in combination with a focus lens transforms the laser diode output into a uniform flat top spot in the far field. The FM-SACs can be used to optimise laser diode array pump efficiency or other similar applications where high coupling efficiency is desirable.

Made from UV-fused silica, PowerPhotonic’s FM-SAC combines multiple functions in a single monolithic optic, increasing pump efficiency, shortening the optical train and reducing cost.