Fusing lidar with hyperspectral Imaging

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Analytik has introduced an airborne platform that offers the ability to simultaneously collect hyperspectral imaging and lidar measurements - saving operators time and money.

The new integrated UAV system can be equipped with a variety of hyperspectral imaging (HSI) and lidar sensors enabling creation of a high-resolution digital elevation model (DEM) of the surveyed area. Importantly, the HSI and lidar sensors can be mounted onto small, lightweight drones, which provides the freedom of flying the platform as a small unmanned aircraft (20kg or less) as designated under civil aviation authority rules.

Using the new platform the HSI and DEM data can be combined into a precisely geolocated and dimensionally correct photomosaic with the reflected spectral information available at each point on the ground.

The new platform uniquely allows the precisely geolocated fusion of HSI and lidar data to create a 3D image in which the lidar measures the height of terrain and overlays it with hyperspectral images.


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14 June 2022

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03 August 2022

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16 June 2022