GAN610C1 and GAN620C1

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Thorlabs has expanded its Ganymede OCT line to include two complete imaging systems offering an exceptional A-scan rate of 248kHz. The GAN610C1 and GAN620C1 set a new standard for high-speed, high-sensitivity 2D and 3D imaging of moving samples with reduced motion artefacts.

As with Thorlabs’ previously released Ganymede and Telesto OCT systems, these new OCT systems are available in both general-purpose (GAN610) and high-resolution (GAN620 – 3μm axial resolution) variants, each of which offers the same low roll-off and high-sensitivity performance as the other members of Thorlabs’ OCT family. For both new systems, the user can switch between different A-scan rate presets ranging from 5kHz to 248kHz to achieve an optimum balance between sensitivity and imaging speed.

All Thorlabs OCT systems are shipped with a high-performance computer preinstalled with the new ThorImageOCT 5.0 image acquisition software as well as a user-programmable Thorlabs OCT software development kit.