Gecko-Four polygon scanner for lidar scanning

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Precision Laser Scanning is now introducing its Gecko-Four polygon scanner for lidar scanning from small UAVs and in terrestrial robotics for factory automation. 

Gecko-Four has a 25mm aperture for a useful range of over 200m and its four facets give a scan angle of 120°.  The scan rate is up to 267Hz for high resolution.  Start Of Scan detection yields maximum accuracy.  Its light 150g weight and power consumption of <6 watts make it ideal for battery powered operation such as 3D mapping from small drones.  Polygon scanning technology works well with TOF and FMCW lidar technologies.

The Gecko-Four is also useful for lidar proof of concept in autonomous vehicles and in ADAS systems prior to specifying a custom, automotive grade, polygon scanner.

Gecko-Four is a standard model, with short lead time and low price.