GL Spectis 1.0 T Flicker

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GL Optic has implemented the new flicker metric stroboscopic visibility measure, which determines the probability of a stroboscopic effect, in its new GL Spectis 1.0 T Flicker spectrometer. Flicker is an old phenomena requiring new consideration in the age of LED lighting. Other flicker metrics used to describe basic flicker parameters include flicker frequency, flicker index and flicker per cent.

Ams Osram’s multi-junction VCSELs are helping to improve automotive lidar. Credit: Ams Osram

06 June 2022

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20 January 2023

When connected to a laser beam, the new thin-film circuit produces finely tailorable terahertz-frequency waves. The device opens up a world of potential applications in optics, imaging and telecommunications. (Image: EPFL)

13 January 2023

The new fibres deliver exceptional spectral transmission from 190nm to 2,400nm with lower optical losses and offer extremely high coupling efficiency

12 January 2023

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15 December 2022