GL Spectrosoft Pro

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GL Optic’s light analytic software GL Spectrosoft Pro is now able to calculate equivalent melanopic lux (EML) and the melanopic-photopic ratio (M/P Ratio) in order to determine the melanopic effect of light – the temporal change in intensity and spectral composition of light that determines the circadian rhythm of organisms. 

The light spectrum varies to the time of day, and different wavelengths have different effects on the circadian rhythm. This means artificial light, such as very bright workplace illumination with lots of blue light and high colour temperature, can prevent tiredness in the morning and afternoon, but can also have a negative influence in terms of sleep at night and at home. 

In order to detect a melanopic effect of light – especially regarding LED light sources with different light spectrum and colour temperatures – suitable measurement devices and analytic software are required. The GL Spectrosoft Pro therefore provides the necessary parameters.