Imaris version 9.1 and Imaris Stitcher

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Bitplane has recently launched Imaris version 9.1 along with the newest member of the Imaris family, Imaris Stitcher. 

Imaris 9.1 offers the ability to simultaneously visualise multiple 2D, 3D or 4D images with differing spatial or temporal dimensions and resolutions. Imaris’ object-based analysis tools are available for all images and this functionality, along with alignment tools to rotate and translate the images relative to one another, provide a solution for researchers performing correlative microscopy across multiple imaging modalities. 

Fast and precise stitching of multiple tiles in the XYZ is also now possible through the easy to use interface of the Imaris Stitcher. Imaris Stitcher automatically reads image stage coordinates, correcting for rotation of the camera relative to the microscope stage. Subsequent alignment of neighbouring tiles is based on best signal overlap in a selected channel. 

The latest release includes improvements to the positioning and rotation of the Reference Frame object for flexible measurements relative to a specific location within an image. New file readers for DICOM, Leica XLEF and LOF formats, and an updated reader for the Olympus VSI format are available within the Imaris 9.1 release as well. In addition, Imaris File Converter offers an ease-of-use and time saving improvement for users who require individual Imaris (IMS) files from a series of images.