Improved CSmicro line

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Optris has improved the compact infrared thermometers of its CSmicro line in order to increase their application range.

The CSmicro LT, CSmicro 2M and CSmicro 3M pyrometers have miniaturised stainless steel heads as well as electronics built into the cable. This allows integration within tight spaces as well as high temperature resistance of the LTH measuring head up to 180°C. The electronics of these models have been completely overhauled to ensure low signal noise and shorter setting times. The extension of the command list as well as the option for all CSmicro models to be available in two-wire technology with mA-output also means the pyrometers can now be used even more flexibly for customer-specific requirements.

The devices of the CSmicro line can be used with Android smartphones and tablets via the IR App Connector (USB adapter). The Connector has a micro USB output as well adapters for USB-C and USB-A. The IRmobile App allows modern mobile programming of the sensors, as well as immediate temperature measurement and analysis.