Integrating sphere detector for fast laser power measurement up to 1 kW

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Credit Gentec-EO

Following its recent launch of integrating sphere laser power detector series, Gentec-EO now adds another model of fast laser power detectors, the IS50A-1KW-RSI.

The detector has a typical rise time of just 0.2 second which means you get high-accuracy measurements extremely fast compared to other high-power detectors available on the market.

With its capability to measure up to 1000 W of continuous power and its 50 mm aperture, the IS50A-1KW-RSI accommodates large and powerful laser beam. It also features an incredibly low noise level of just 0.01 mW.

This power detector is ideal for collimated beams, but will also work perfectly up to 20º divergence (full angle). Simply plug it into a computer with an INTEGRA USB or RS-232 connector, open our free proprietary software PC-Gentec-EO and you are all set to take your first measurement.