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The LDMount from Wavelength Electronics is a laser diode mount with integrated heat sinking and simple connections between the drivers and the diode laser. Ideal for pump and communication lasers, the LDMount is designed for 14-pin butterfly laser diodes requiring up to 5A with internal thermistors and thermo electric coolers (TEC).

A zero-insertion force socket holds the laser, while two 9-pin DSUB connectors enable TEC and laser driver control. Two basic butterfly laser diode types are supported, and for any other pinout, the LDMount-CU Card is available for hand wiring.

The LDMount is designed to operate at temperatures below 50°C and has several built-in safety features. These include a reverse bias protection diode across the laser diode, an interlock circuit for the laser diode current, and a TEC active/bypass switch to require active temperature control before laser current can be enabled.