LSM LED family

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Ocean Optics has developed a range of high-powered LED light sources for fluorescence excitation and other spectroscopy measurements. The optical design of the LSM LED family provides highly efficient coupling of LED light into an optical fibre, ensuring high signal output for applications across UV, visible and shortwave NIR wavelengths. A single-channel driver and controller unit enables simple LED programming and allows users to monitor characteristics such as LED power output and temperature.

LSM LEDs operate via the LDC-1 single-channel driver and controller, which enable simple LED programming. The touchscreen interface displays key LED parameters, and provides access to information stored in the LEDs. Proprietary electronics provide stable, high-current operation in continuous, pulsed and modulation modes. Also, the LDC-1 enables LED control from an external source, such as a function generator or a trigger/modulation signal from a spectrometer or other electronic device.

In the LSM LED internal modulation mode, users can select continuous sine, triangle or square waveforms, and optimise LED frequency. These functions are useful for applications such as quality analysis and testing of commercial phosphors.

LSM LEDs are available in discrete wavelengths ranging from 265 to 880nm and in a warm white option with colour temperature of 3,689K. LSM LEDs accommodate multiple mounting options (DIN rail, optical bench, rack) and are supplied with a rugged plastic case for carrying multiple LEDs and accessories. Kit versions (the controller plus selected wavelength units) cover UV (265, 280, 310, 365nm) and visible (405, 470, 533, 635nm) wavelengths, or can be purchased with a mix of wavelength models (280, 365, 470nm and 3,689K warm white).