Luna spatial light modulator series

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Holoeye has released a new compact phase-only spatial light modulator series.

The Luna SLM is based on an 0.39-inch LCOS microdisplay with 1,920 x 1,080 resolution and 4.5µm pixel pitch. The SLM provides linear 8-bit phase levels and is addressed via DisplayPort at 60Hz input frame rate. The driver also features an USB connector for power and advanced configurations.

Holoeye offers two versions of the Luna phase-only spatial light modulator: A Vis version (2 Pi phase shift at 420nm to 650nm) and a version for the telecommunication waveband around 1,550nm (1,400nm to 1,700nm). The driver ASIC is embedded in the microdisplay. This saves board space, allowing a very compact driver, making integration more convenient and enabling implementation into small and portable solutions. The standard driver box is 85 x 47 x 28.8mm. The display can accept video data input via a 4-lane MIPI DSI. This approach gives phase-only SLM technology a new level of potential.