MarSurf M 310 mobile surface measurement system with software

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The MarSurf M 310 mobile surface measurement system from Mahr is now available with an integrated connection to MarWin Easy Roughness Mobile software. This functionality allows the M 310 to be used as a drive unit for the MarWin Easy Roughness Mobile software, enabling another way to interface and control the M 310 while providing the complete functionality of the touchscreen unit on a PC. 

Direct connection to the PC is available via USB cable or Bluetooth adapter, replacing interface boxes that previously would have been required, and cutting implementation costs by half.

The portable M 310 unit brings features that were previously only available in PC-based systems. It features a large, illuminated, rotatable 4.3 inch high-resolution touchscreen. M 310 was designed to provide high-precision measurements to measure surface roughness on both small and large workpieces. It offers the ability to automatically create measuring reports in PDF format, to print those reports to letter-sized paper via Bluetooth or USB, and optional integration of a barcode or data matrix scanner. An optional portable printer is also available.   

With the MarWin Easy Roughness Mobile software integration, users can fully operate the M 310, change filter settings, calculate additional parameters, etc., as opposed to just viewing the stored measurements. It allows the M 310 to replace what in the past would have been a stand-alone PC-based instrument.