ML+ high power white light source

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The Mighty Light Plus (ML+) from Spectrolight is a high power white light source for microscopy, white light interferometry, machine vision, and precision inspection applications. 

The ML+ outputs up to 7W from a 10mm diameter, detachable, armoured light guide. This provides high spatial uniformity suitable for both wide-field and focused spot illumination applications. And, all this is produced from an air-cooled package (including a low noise power supply), that is only 340 x 160 x 140mm. 

The ML+ bulb temperature of 3,400K delivers output as short as 350nm, while producing useful power above 2.5µm. Rotation of a single knob enables the output power to be smoothly varied from 0 to 100 per cent.

An optional collimator enables the light guide output to be directed into a variety of free space optics applications or instruments. This collimator is designed to interface directly with Spectrolight flexible wavelength selectors, thereby providing a low-cost, smoothly tuneable, narrowband light source. This allows the ML+ output to be rapidly tuned to match the excitation spectrum of a wide range of fluorophores.