MPO100 tool for 3D lithography and 3D microprinting

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Heidelberg Instruments Mikrotechnik and Multiphoton Optics have introduced the MPO 100,  multi-user tool for 3D lithography and 3D microprinting.

The MPO 100 is a two-photon polymerisation (TPP) instrument for producing microstructures with applications in optics, photonics, mechanics and biomedical engineering. The modular 3D printing platform MPO 100 offers high precision on demand for 3D lithography as well as high print volume for 3D microprinting and enables production of complex functional microstructures with high throughput in a single process step.

The MPO 100 includes a powerful femtosecond laser system operating at a wavelength of 522nm thereby enabling efficient and high-speed processing of many commercially available polymer systems. Among those is the class of inorganic-organic hybrid polymers known as Ormocer. This class of materials provides unique optical, mechanical and chemical properties. In addition, as many photoresists exhibit high sensitivity at the 522nm TPP wavelength the MPO 100 is an ideal tool for R&D to develop new material systems.