MultiHarp 150 firmware update

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PicoQuant has released a free firmware update for several models of its MultiHarp 150 high-throughput multichannel event timers. 

A major feature of this update is the improvement of the temporal resolution from 10 to 5 ps for the MultiHarp 150 4P, 8P, and 16P, without affecting other parameters like data throughput or dead time. 

Another new feature the update provides is a programmable input hysteresis for noise suppression in difficult environments. These MultiHarp 150 models provide excellent temporal resolution and feature sub-nanosecond dead time, which makes these devices an ideal choice of TCSPC electronics for fast and precise fluorescence lifetime imaging (rapidFLIM) and high throughput multichannel photon correlation.

For customers who already own a MultiHarp 150 with 10ps temporal resolution, the update process is very easy and free of charge

Devices from the MultiHarp product line are easy-to-use and versatile USB 3.0 tabletop units with either 4, 8, 16, or 64 detection channels and a common SYNC channel, making them a great choice for many time-resolved applications in life and materials sciences, as well as metrology and single photon based quantum technologies.