New CW fibre-coupled diode laser modules at 520nm and 638nm

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Coherent has expanded its Dilas family of CW, fibre-coupled diode laser modules with two new visible wavelengths – 520nm (green) delivered at 2W and 638nm (red) delivered at 1.4W, with excellent beam quality and high optical efficiency due to being based on Coherent-Dilas’ multi-single- emitter technology. 

Both modules are offered with SMA connectors for 200µm fibre having a 0.22 numerical aperture to enable simple collimation, as well as tight focusing to a small, high-intensity beam waist.  The combination of compact (17mm x 30mm x 62mm) packaging, fibre coupling, conduction cooling, and an internal NTC temperature sensor simplifies integration into a broad range of instruments and systems across life sciences, machine vision, and other OEM applications.

The Dilas modules avoid the well-known trade-off between power and coupling efficiency by imaging the output of several single emitters into one fibre using beam combining and shaping optics. The result is a module with the coupling efficiency and output quality of a single emitter, but with the higher power of a multi-emitter bar.