New Laser Diodes from 1,060 – 1,600nm

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Laser Components has introduced a new range of laser diodes spanning the wavelength range from 1,060nm to 1,600nm.

The range includes single mode devices with typical output powers from 5mW to 50mW as well as multimode offerings spanning from 30mW to 3,000mW. Packaging options include SOT-148 (9mm), c-mount, high heat load (HHL) with and without fibre and TO-3 cans.

Typical applications for these laser diodes include being used as pumping sources for fibre and solid-state lasers, metrology, materials processing and illumination.

The beam shape of the metasuface based external cavity laser can be fully controlled to project a complex hologram, such as the Harvard shield. (Image: Christina Spägele/Harvard SEAS)

24 August 2021