NIR-MPX phase modulators

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Laser Components has released its phase modulator designed to operate in the 1,000nm wavelength band.

The NIR-MPX series uses a proton exchanged-based waveguide process that confers stability even when operating at high optical power. The phase modulators feature high optical power (100mW) along with a low Vpi.

The NIR-MPX-LN-0.1 phase modulator has become the reference component for many applications involving lasers such as spectrum broadening for suppression of the Brillouin back scattering effect (SBS), Pound-Drever-Hall (PDH) and coherent beam combining (CBC) techniques. One of the key parameters determining the performance of the modulation is the residual amplitude modulation (RAM).

The NIR-MPX-LN-0.1 phase modulator combined with its matching RF driver DR-VE-0.1-MO can be specified with 30dB of RAM.