OEM MEMS mirror drivers

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At Photonics West, Mirrorcle Technologies introduced OEM MEMS mirror drivers that are more compact and offer lower power consumption.

Mirrorcle's dual-axis MEMS mirrors for optical beam-steering applications are electrostatically actuated and require specialised bias-differential high-voltage driving, which is supported by the company’s drive electronics.

The latest generation 5.x models, commercially available starting in Q1 2018, have a smaller PCB footprint of 35 x 40mm (reduced from 60 x 40mm), and updated input and output connectors to the more compact 10-pin, 0.05 inch (1.27mm) pitch connectors that allow for direct connection via ribbon cable of the driver output to connectorised MEMS packages (‘TinyPCB’).

The new boards are optimised to safely drive the company’s MEMS mirrors and include programmable 5th order low-pass filters for smoothing output voltages. They output two bias-differential voltage pairs on four channels that range from 0V to 200V, allowing for Vbias voltages as high as 100V to drive mirrors to maximum angles.

Mirrorcle’s OEM MEMS drivers consume less than ~80mW of power and require only +5VDC voltage supply, making them especially suitable for mobile, battery-powered applications.