Ophir FGC100

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MKS Instruments has announced the Ophir FGC100, a NIST-traceable LED calibration standard designed to calibrate the Ophir FluxGage LED luminaire measurement system.

The FGC100 is a current- and temperature-stabilised LED source that calibrates total spectral radiant flux from 390nm to 800nm. It includes a lamp unit and controller, with the lamp unit being a forward emitting source. A special fixture in the FluxGage cover ensures repeatable mounting and calibration.

To ensure reliability, the FGC100 is calibrated at Ophir using a NIST-traceable source. The spectral flux data is provided on USB drive. The FGC100 controller includes an hour meter that indicates the total working time of the unit. After 50 hours, the FGC100 should be sent to Ophir for recalibration.

The FluxGage is a compact, all-in-one system that measures flux, colour, and flicker. FluxGage is used instead of large, cumbersome integrating spheres during development and production, and for incoming inspection and quality control of new and replacement parts, allowing LED luminaires and modules to be sorted for consistency.