Ophir FluxGage FG1500

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MKS Instruments’ new Ophir FluxGage FG1500 measurement system for LED luminaires features an aperture size of 144 x 64cm, enabling the photometric measurement of large-size street and industrial luminaires, LED flat panels, and troffer lights.

The FluxGage FG1500 performs fast, photometric measurements of assembled, large LED systems, both during development and at the end of luminaire production. Photometric measurements – via a spectrometer and a fast photodiode sensor – include total luminous flux (up to 80,000 lm), spectrum and colour parameters (CCT, CRI, TM-30), and flicker.

The FluxGage system uses solar panels as light detectors, which are arranged on the inside walls of the measurement cavity and are covered with a special black plastic layer with hundreds of transparent pinholes, creating the effect of many tiny radiometers. Unlike an integrating sphere, the FluxGage is insensitive to reflections going back and forth between the measurement device and the luminaire under test.