OpticStudio 18.7

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Zemax has released OpticStudio 18.7, which continues to improve the overall usability of OpticStudio, a flexible, intuitive, and powerful modelling environment to quickly develop and capture optical design ideas.

OpticStudio 18.7 includes improved vector graphic and high-resolution export, which enables optical engineers to quickly get presentation-ready images of analysis and layout plots. It also offers a new express view for editors, allowing engineers to navigate files with large numbers of surfaces, objects, or operands with greatly improved responsiveness and reduced lag time from buffering data. A new Zemax file collector tool also allows users to easily gather data and diagnostic information necessary to troubleshoot any potential issues with designs.

In addition, three new optimisation operands help optical engineers control problematic rays at the edges of the pupil without the use of macros or compound operands, as well as reduce the impact of ghost reflections in the optical system. Lastly, an improved design lockdown tool enables engineers to prepare a sequential optical system with multiple configurations for optomechanical analysis and production.