OptoCplrLT glass chip

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Optoscribe has released the OptoCplrLT, a monolithic glass chip for low-loss coupling to silicon photonics (SiPh) grating couplers.

OptoCplrLT is designed to overcome fibre-to-SiPh photonic integrated circuit (PIC) coupling challenges to enable high volume automated assembly and help drive down costs. Created using Optoscribe’s high-speed laser writing technique, OptoCplrLT features low-loss light turning curved mirrors, which are uniquely formed in the glass, to direct the light to or from SiPh grating couplers. This prevents the need for bend-tolerant fiber solutions, which are often expensive, challenging and have some significant limitations in size and profile.

To help address footprint challenges,OptoCplrLT has a low-profile interface of less than 1.5mm in height, which allows compact interface layouts that alleviate packaging constraints. It is also compatible with industry-standard materials and processes; for example, the glass chip has a coefficient of thermal expansion matched to the silicon chip, helping to maximise performance.