Picomaster-H range of lithography systems

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Sitech supplies the new Picomaster-H range of high resolution, single-beam direct write lithography (SB-DWL) hologram and lens mastering systems from 4Pico Litho of The Netherlands.

The systems can write any kind of micron or sub-micron structured surface directly onto photoresist plates over areas up to 500 x 500mm (8.5 x 8.5 inches) in size. 

The PicoMaster-H is the ultimate direct-write lithography (DWL) mastering tool for the origination of small and medium format: Security holograms and OVDs; diffractive 'rainbow' patterns; Fresnel lenses; Fresnel 'bas relief' images; zero colour 'platinum' patterns and images; Micro-lens arrays; and 2.5D, greyscale, optical micro-structures.

The PicoMaster-H turnkey systems require no additional and expensive options to expose all kinds of 2.5D, greyscale, seamless, micron and sub-micron scale structured surfaces. 

Each system is supplied with a 405nm laser, 225nm high-resolution mode, professional 4,096 greyscale mode, three software-selectable spot sizes/resolutions, a high-resolution optical real-time auto-focus system, and PicoHLD, a user-friendly hologram, diffractive pattern, and Fresnel lens design and composition program. It is also supplied with Sitech's Pattern Generator, a program for the generation of random shape and gradient 'pillars of light' patterns for optical security and packaging applications.