Polarising beam splitter cubes allow for easy alignment

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Credit: Laser Components

Laser Components offers several solutions for the separation of s-pol and p-pol light, including thin film polarisers (TFPs) and polarising beam splitter cubes. Cube beam splitters allow for easy alignment, and unlike TFPs do not incur an offset in the transmitted beam.  

With beam splitter cubes, single wavelengths or small wavelength ranges can be split extremely efficiently at a lower cost than alternative solutions.  Polarising beam splitting cubes are mainly used because of their easy alignment feature.  

The cube polarisers are usually cemented, and beam splitting occurs at a 90° angle. Laser Components offer both narrow band and broadband versions of different quality levels.  Special designs can be offered for high power laser applications and feature damage thresholds in the J/cm2 range, while offering a high extinction ratio.