RMS1000 Raman microscope

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Edinburgh Instruments has introduced the RMS1000, an open architecture, researchgrade confocal Raman microscope. It has been designed to be adapted to almost any modern, state-of-the-art Raman application. Uses beyond Raman, such as time-resolved fluorescence microscopy and fluorescence lifetime imaging (FLIM) are all possible with the versatile RMS1000.

Key features include: integrated and external lasers; five-position grating turrets; two spectrograph options; truly confocal; four simultaneous detectors; internal standards and auto-calibration; Ramacle software; photoluminescence microscopy, timeresolved measurements and fluorescence lifetime imaging. Users will also benefit from access to the KnowItAll Raman Identification Pro spectral library, available for material identification and advanced analysis. Data acquisition methods such as single measurements, multiple and accumulated scans, kinetic scans and generation of maps (accessory dependent) are implemented by intuitive and user-friendly wizards.