RSoft photonic component design suite

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Synopsis has released the latest version of its RSoft photonic component design suite, with new features to streamline and enhance photonic and optoelectronic modelling. 

The software package reduces development time with efficient analysis of silicon photonics components at the device, circuit and system levels. It introduces an interface with Synopsys' HSpice circuit simulation tool for cohesive, rigorous co-simulation of electronic components in photonic circuits.

The new features of the RSoft photonics component design suite include: S-Matrix/PDK generation utility to automate the interface between RSoft component tools, the RSoft OptSim Circuit tool, and mask layout tools; Expanded effective index method (EIM) implementation in RSoft component tools; improved RSoft FullWave pulsed and broadband simulation; and expanded documentation and examples demonstrating how the RSoft tools' sub-cell meshing capabilities can improve the accuracy and speed of photonic component simulations.

New features of the RSoft photonic system design suite include: interface between the RSoft OptSim and OptSim Circuit tools and Synopsys' HSpice simulator for seamless optoelectronic analysis; updated PDKs including AIM Photonics PDK version 1.5b and imec PDK version ISIPP50G; support for PhoeniX Software's OptoDesigner elastic connectors; Addition of the Viterbi and Viterbi (V & V) Mth power carrier phase estimation algorithm in the OptSim digital signal processing (DSP) library for Matlab.