S3C-1 Streak camera for scientific investigations in the field of ultrafast processes

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With the world's first commercially available semiconductor-based streak camera, Optronis offers researchers a new instrument to enable detailed scientific investigations in the field of ultrafast processes. Specifically, the semiconductor-based streak camera opens up new application possibilities in plasma research, detonics and microfluidics. 

Streak cameras allow measurements of optical phenomena in the range of pico-, up to femtoseconds. The application fields of the S3C-1 are in detonics, plasma research, microfluidics or even the analysis of fast micro movements (MEMS). Due to the robustness, the small dimensions of 12 cm x 12 cm and the weight of less than 2 kg, the camera can also be used in areas that are denied to tube-based cameras.

Compared to tube-based streak cameras, the S3C-1 is more compact, more robust and less expensive. Also, measurements are now possible where no suitable trigger signal was previously available. A time window of 100 ns to 10 ms can be selected for acquisition. The time resolution is close to 1 ns.