SDS High Voltage solutions

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AMS Technologies has added the high-voltage solutions of French manufacturer SDS High Voltage to its portfolio. AMS Technologies now offers its European customers both ultraminiaturised DC/DC high-voltage converters as well as bench-top and custom high-voltage power supplies, especially for optical applications such as Pockels cells, lasers, detectors and photodiodes.

Based on its extensive expertise in high-voltage converters and optical applications, SDS High Voltage offers a wide range of high-voltage solutions, from DC/DC modules of just over 1cm3 in size to AC/DC converters with up to 50kV output voltage and power ratings from 100mW to 100W.

Customers can choose between devices with fixed voltage output and solutions whose output voltage can be modulated via analogue input or via a PC interface. Typical applications for this product range are mainly in the field of photonics (such as photomultiplier tubes, flash lamps, avalanche photodiodes, focusing optics or gas chromatography) but also include electro chuck, inkjet printing or spectrometers.