Sensocell biomechanical force sensor system

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Photon Lines now offers a new microscopic biomechanical force sensor system called Sensocell from Impetux, of Barcelona, Spain.

Sensocell is an add-on instrument for Nikon inverted microscopes, compatible with different imaging techniques including BrightField, epi-FL, DIC, TIRF and confocal microscopy. It can either be installed on a microscope or offered in an integrated platform, including a Nikon Ti-2 inverted microscope.

The system is unique in not needing calibration to measure forces in cells and tissues, rather than latex and glass spheres. The Impetux optical tweezers platform includes an optical manipulation module which allows the generation and manipulation of up to 256 simultaneous optical traps. Trap steering is performed at 25kHz frequency by means of an acousto-optic deflection system. Users can apply predefined oscillations and/or trajectories over multiple traps or control them using the ‘click & drag’ mode.

In addition to achieving direct force measurements inside living cells, the Sensocell system allows simultaneous direct force measurements over multiple independent traps in the X-Y and Z planes.