sGauss beam profile

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Limo has developed micro-optics for creating a beam profile that offers 30 per cent more throughput in display production. The sGauss beam profile features steeper edges, improving the throughput of UV lasers used in OLED manufacturing.

The development team at Limo has enhanced the optical design far enough that the Gaussian profiles can be turned into a line with a length of up to 1,000mm and a width of 30µm. The new features include significantly steeper edges and a wider intensity maximum. This allows the laser energy to be used much more effectively to separate the display film, and laser lift-off (LLO) process productivity can be increased by more than 30 per cent.

The micro-optics for the sGauss profile is modular and feature a continuously adjustable line length and width. Existing systems can also be retrofitted with a sGauss module. This allows manufacturers to either directly boost productivity or, where less laser energy is used with the same systems, significantly extend the service life of their lasers. This new technology will also unlock other applications for UV solid-state lasers, such as annealing and crystallization. 

Limo has also developed a wide-angle diffuser for lidar and 3D sensor applications. The wide-angle diffuser delivers consistent performance, while its illumination area enables full coverage of the 360° surrounding view with just four lidar systems for reliable driving safety.