Software for McPherson spectrometer systems

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McPherson and Princeton Instruments have released a new add-in for Princeton Instruments’ 64-bit LightField software that controls McPherson’s deep UV and soft x-ray spectrometers and Princeton Instruments' soft x-ray cameras. This add-in allows users to keep all the benefits of LightField, including easy setup and access to features like the real-time math engine, SmartSearch, and the virtual optical bench for conveniently managing multiple experimental setups.

McPherson spectrometers provide scientists around the world with tools for measuring light and are a natural fit for the LightField application space. McPherson’s soft x-ray, deep ultraviolet and long focal length systems find use in myriad research applications.

The captured data can be easily exported in popular formats such as TIFF, FITS, ASCII, AVI, IGOR (WaveMetrics), and Origin (OriginLab).