SpectralLED RS-7-SWIR light source

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Gamma Scientific has introduced its SpectralLED RS-7-SWIR platform, which incorporates 9 short-wave infrared wavelengths for synthesis of commercially available light sources or imported spectra. It features a spectral range from 900 to 1,700nm with illumination stability greater than 99.99 per cent across its 75mm output port. The illumination accuracy is NIST traceable to better than ±3 per cent with full scale linearity better than 0.1 per cent RMS.

Through its 16-bit DAC current drivers, users can achieve up to five decades of dynamic range adjustment with a spectral accuracy greater than ±2.5nm. The firmware includes full spectral calibration with spectral fitting, pre-set storage and real-time optical feedback.

Options include fibre optic light delivery, wafer probe illumination configuration, baffle tube output and a wide field of view configuration. Well-suited for calibration and testing of night vision sensors, remote sensing sensors and industrial monitoring equipment, the system allows determination of quantum efficiency, spatial non-uniformity, pixel defects, crosstalk, responsivity, linearity and sensitivity.