Spectrolight upgrades Flexible Wavelength Selector spectral range to 255–1,650nm

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Spectrolight has upgraded its Flexible Wavelength Selector spectral range to 255–1,650nm. This wide spectral range can cover from the UV to the NIR with ± 0.5nm accuracy (nominal). 

The firm has also announced the latest FWS model that specifically targets the supercontinuum laser range (385-1,015nm). This new model covers the spectral range of most supercontinuum lasers in the market, allowing simple software control via USB connection. Along with the extended tunable range,  Spectrolight has updated its software to provide a user-friendly interface. 

The Flexible Wavelength Selector is a compact optomechanical device that uses Spectrolight’s patented TwinFilm technology to deliver precise wavelength tuning and adjustable bandwidth along with the imaging advantages of a circular aperture filter.